You're Not Your Job - The Questions

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Do you feel like what you're doing is not really meant for you? Would you rather be doing something else entirely but don't know where to begin?

In our lives, we don't ask ourselves enough questions. Along the way, you may lose track of who you really are. You mistake your job for your identity. Deep down, however, you know you were not meant to be living like this.

Daniel has been through all that. He's not offering you answers, though. His goal is to help you ask yourself lots and lots of questions.

The Questions

The Questions are two sets of questions introduced in the book. You can download both of them in two versions: printable (to write down your answers) and electronic (to type your answers directly into the PDF file).

  • "Ask Yourself" Questions: these questions are introduced at the end of each chapter in the book
  • "Transformation" Questions: these questions are introduced in the last chapter of the book , "Transformation"

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The Book

You're Not Your Job is an opinionated book and it offers Daniel's perspective on the subject. It is the book he wishes his past self had at his disposal. Perhaps it can be useful to you on your own journey too.

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"Ask Yourself" Questions
"Transformation" Questions
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You're Not Your Job - The Questions

0 ratings
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